We are very happy to present you this 2018 edition.

For this second session, you will be welcomed by experienced instructors as well as confirmed practitioners within a pluridisciplinary team gathered together by the same passion : Thai Yoga Massage.

Let’s share together a convivial moment.
Let’s take time to exchange, to discover and to meet each other.

This festival is open to everyone, all ages, all backgrounds, with or without previous experience of Thai Yoga Massage.

A journey of self discovery –  discovery of others.
Opening up of oneself –  of others
Awareness of one’s own presence – of others

In short, just be oneself in the present moment.

An introductory program of Thai Yoga Massage, conferences, “acro-yoga” as well as dance/movement awareness:

– International teachers
– Massage given by a Belgian team of confirmed practitioners
– A Kirtan concert at 18h : 10 euros
– Vegetarian meals available on the spot

The Practitioners

Thai Yoga Massage professionals will be present to offer mini discovery sessions (30 minutes).